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Anarchy and tyranny: ruling a game dev team (The House of The Dev podcast S1E1)

14 июля 2022
In the first episode of The House of The Dev podcast Warren Spector shares his vision and methods of assembling and managing your first game dev studio. Hosted by Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov.

⁃ First steps: surround yourself with people who are better than you.
⁃ Passion vs money: what matters most at the start;
⁃ If we can scare you away, it’s not your dream job;
⁃ The importance of high level advisors - and when to stop to avoid being annoying;
⁃ Daily work: eye to eye or distanced. New rules and opportunities of the post-pandemic world.
⁃ Naked people in the middle of the night and tipped tables: the stress behind the curtains.
⁃ Why crunching is unavoidable - but also unacceptable.

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