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Looking for money with Alexey Savchenko (The House of The Dev podcast S1E8)

14 июля 2022
Where should you look for money to fund your game? How to protect yourself and your studio from tricks, frauds and shenanigans? Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov talk to Alexey Savchenko, managing director of Magnifier One investment company and ex-business development manager for Epic Games.

– Do you really need that amount of money that you’re thinking about?
– Publishers, funds, non-profile investors, distributors… Available scenarios.
– Why small studios should not negotiate with big publishers.
– How to protect and develop your IP with your partner.
– Read your contract. Yes, from start to finish. No, you must not trust those good guys. Never.

This and many more – in the eight episode of The House of The Dev podcast.

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