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No devs – No Nothing. Season 1 Finale (The House of The Dev podcast S1E9)

14 июля 2022
In the final episode of the first season Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov wrap it up with a warm & friendly eye-to-eye conversation.

- Season one achievements and flaws; plans for season two.
- How this podcast came to life? We’re answering one of the most popular questions.
- Raphael left the industry – Raphael came back. What did he learn when he was away, what it feels like after a break.
- Weird West postponed to March ’22 – why, what does the team do now, and why it’s for the best.
- Early stages of development for Peter’s new studio Book Burner Games. New experience and impressions.
- Current state and public image of the industry. What bothers us, and what makes us smile.

This and many more – in the ninth episode of The House of The Dev podcast.

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