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Self-Expression vs Game Expression – with Darren Korb. The House of The Dev Podcast S2E2

15 августа 2022
Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov talk to Supergiant’s audio director and composer Darren Korb about music.

- What can you learn from being in a rock band? What’s the difference between writing songs for self-expression and writing music to express the meanings of a game?
- What’s the usual workflow between clients and musicians, and how it really should be;
- Looking for new ideas among new musicians even if they haven't written a single soundtrack yet;
- What do you need to learn and how to prepare yourself to accept the first true assignment;
- How does the adaptive music work, and why people who do that are still sane?

These and many other cool topics – in this exclusive episode of The House of The Dev podcast.

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