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The Power of Sound with Matt Piersall (The House of The Dev podcast S1E5)

14 июля 2022
With Matt Piersall, audio director of Weird West, Prey, also known for his work on Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, we discuss the importance of good sound design.

⁃ Technical and creative approach in interactive audio now and then. What changed in the last 5 years?
⁃ Why original sound matters, and how to ruin player experience with a single little generic sound effect.
⁃ How to manage your creative energy and focus on things that are crucial for specific project, not your ego.
⁃ Sound design process step by step: endless lists or organic approach?
⁃ Overdetailed sound design and how to fight it.
⁃ Field recording vs library surf. Which sounds need to be recorded?

All of this and even more — in the fifth episode of The House of the Dev podcast with Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov.

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