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What defines the future of games? With Ilya Eremeev. The House of The Dev Podcast S2E5

7 января 2023
Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov talk to Ilya Eremeev, co-founder and managing partner of The Games Fund, a video-game-focused VC fund. No boring financial talks this time. We let ourselves discuss the foggy future of video games and what - or who - defines it the biggest measure. The gamers? The publishers and funds? The platforms? Maybe the devs themselves?

- What is the danger of ongoing sequels and remakes? How franchises grow insanely big and what is the worst about it;
- "What if you had a gun?" - how ubiquitous mandatory player weaponizing affects the design of games;
- Do we really need hype culture?
- Why you don't have to be scared to offer new ideas;
- The HR crisis in AAA segment, and competition with indie studios for lead specialists;
- The AI: our thoughts and worries on the most promising tools of the era.

This and much more - only in the new episode of The House of The Dev podcast. Thanks for listening.
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